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memories of childhood…the last time you were required

memories of childhood…the last time you were required



the zoo

they have a zoo in the far northwest, about a half hour outside of the city. it lurks in a suburban neighborhood, popping up red and wooden and bloated off the interstate. you enter and exit through the gift shop, surrounded by stuffed versions of the animals kept in real zoos. its’ as if they were given the unsold toys and books and stuffed animals from a real zoo and now their shelves are stocked.  

but the zoo isn’t bad. inside we see: turtles, fish, lizards, peacocks, chickens, deers (they have a deer rescue/petting zoo…there was also a goat) camels, horses, monkeys, an orangutan, crocodiles, lions and a liger.

on the ride home Caleb’s quiet. 

"How’d you like it bud?" I ask

he thinks it over for what seems like a minute or longer

"…they didn’t have any giraffes."